Cinema, Turkey

Cinema Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • The sales and marketing division for a variety of cinema and entertainment-related products, all under the umbrella of parent corporation Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc.
  • Manufacturer of the Bounce Back mirror image captioning system for cinemas.
  • Developer of ColorVision laser video projection technology for digital cinema.
  • Projection and sound equipment for the professional motion picture theatre industry. Reverse scan, rewind tables, dimmers, automation, and digital readers.
  • Manufacturers of motorised, manual and fixed frame projection screens, projector mounting solutions, as well as other custom projection solutions.
  • Manufacturer of screens from home theatre to large format, as well as masking motors and cycloramas.
  • Laser video projection screens, 3D graphic projection spheres and domes, outdoor movie screens, and color changing ceilings.
  • Manufacturer of projection screens for cinemas, lecture theaters, conference centers and outdoor events. Screens and accessories made to order in Cambridge, England.
  • 35mm projector rental. Complete screening room equipment services, including projectionists. Onsite screening services anywhere in the world.
  • Projectors and consoles, lamphouses, sound equipment, film transportation systems and automation products.
  • Rentals of walkie talkies, telephones, wireless transmission equipment, teleconferencing, and intercom systems. Schiller Park, IL.