Lighting, Turkey

Lighting Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Makers of realistic fire effects and lighting props. Products include flicker and shadow generators, dimmers, light organs and flicker lanterns.
  • Manufacturers of flexible electroluminescent lighting systems Based in Camarillo, California.
  • Supply electroluminescent (EL) lamps which are flexible, flat, thin, cold illumination sources and can be cut into complex shapes.
  • Fiber optic stage lighting and equipment, illuminators, curtains, cable, lenses, star drop.
  • Dichroic filters and coatings, blacklite fixtures, infrared fixtures, wet environment fixtures, fiber optic, special effects, fluorescent paints, dry pigments, dyes,
  • Belgium-based developer of ShowLED star effects for installation in smooth-surfaced fabrics, soft goods, walls, ceilings, hard props and set pieces. Also, ready-made
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