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  • High tech geometric environments for theme parks, nightclubs and entertainment centers. Includes pictures, computer art and contact information.
  • London based company specializing in set construction and design.
  • Design and manufacture of rides, shows, attractions, animatronics, scenery, costume and effects for theme parks, museums, retail environments and visitor centres.
  • Theming design, construction and fabrication for the themed retail and entertainment industries.
  • An independent, professional scene shop specializing in the design and construction of scenery for the entertainment industry, industrial shows, and special
  • Sound and light, staging, set design, technical consultation and custom fabrication of scenery for theater and television, corporate events, and themed entertainment
  • Design and fabrication of sets, models and props for advertising, photography, commercials, television productions, trade shows and industrial design. San Francisco, CA.
  • Design and custom fabrication of stage props, magic illusions, and supply of art work to the entertainment industry. Las Vegas, NV.
  • Manufacture and rental of indoor and outdoor staging. Scaffold and poster based systems. Seating risers, hospitality platforms and stairs.
  • Vacuum formed plastic panels used for theatrical purposes, displays, and scenic back drops. Brick, stone, building materials, windows and doors.
  • Theme park services, design, construction, animatronics, music and graphics. Website includes design and contact information as well as used ride classifieds.
  • Entertainment design, show creation, concept design, and production design for concerts and corporate events.
  • Set design and construction, props, scenery, sculpting, drafting, model building, mechanical and pyrotechnic special effects, signage, scenic textures and finishes for
  • Custom prop fabrication, set design and construction. Specialized in, but not limited to, independent period features. Based in Western North Carolina.
  • Set construction, painting, vacuum forming, exhibition displays, character costumes, custom props, sculpting and modeling. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Hand sculpted 3-dimensional art products, themed environments, big sculpture, murals, fountains, rock walls, and signs, offers picture gallery, company history and
  • Parade floats, magical sculptures, themed environments and visual signage.
  • A scenic and set design company with experience in design and construction. Information on sets, graphics, and contact details.
  • Consulting service that offers RF systems design services, signal processing algorithms and c/c++ solutions. Skills in DSP, Micrcontroller and Microwave Technology
  • Portfolio of scenic construction for theatre, music, fashion, and corporate events.
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