Camera Platform Vehicles, Turkey

Camera Platform Vehicles Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Aircraft suppliers, aerial coordinators and film pilots for the movie industry.
  • Professional aerial cinematography and video using state of the art remote-controlled helicopters. Also builds model airships for demolition in filmwork, as well as
  • Camera bikes, camera quads, motion control systems for still photographers, and carbon fiber boom arms capable of spanning lengths of 35 ft.
  • Camera boats, safety boats, and logisticial support for film production companies. Specially designed camera boat will hold 20 people and gear for shots from water level
  • Camera car rentals. Traditional, 4x4 and Hummer camera cars, process trailers, and tow dollies including extra-low and motorcycle tow dollies.
  • Quick, maneuverable camera platform vehicles including the CameraKart, Off-Road Pilot and Street Pilot.
  • Insert, crane and chase cars, camera boats, process trailers, tow dollies, mounting attachments, and rigging accessories.