Catalysts and Adsorbents, Turkey

Catalysts and Adsorbents Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Global surface science company specializing in adsorbents and catalysts, for markets including refining and petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, environmental, and fuel
  • Manufacturer of catalysts, silicas, adsorbents and specialty products.
  • Large-scale producer of environmental, process, and fuel cell catalysts.
  • Manufactures molecular sieve (zeolite) adsorbents and catalysts, as well as silica gel for chromatography and desiccant applications. Headquartered in Switzerland.
  • Supplier of zeolite catalysts and adsorbents, including standard types of zeolites. Manufacturer of custom zeolite powders and catalysts for specific customer
  • Ohio technology company offering solutions in the area of catalytic coatings, heat exchangers, and metal honeycombs, for applications in the environmental and energy
  • Supplier of activated carbons and aluminas, synthetic zeolites, and silica gels, for use in separation, purification, and drying processes.
  • United Kingdom manufacturer of desiccants: silica gel, silica gel sachets and molecular sieves.
  • Production, research and development of zeolite molecular sieve products.
  • Producer of a range of natural odor, moisture, and mildew control products based on zeolites. Overview of products, distributors, and technical information.
  • Producer and exporter of natural clinoptilolite zeolite mined in Turkey. Overview of products and applications.
  • International supplier and licensor of process technology to the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.
  • Producer of a range of natural zeolite products, for use in horticulture, as animal feed and filter media, and fillers. Located in Texas.
  • Manufacturer of bleaching clays in India, converting raw material from its own mine using dry and wet processes, for use in refining vegetable and mineral oils, animal
  • Producer of copper-based hydrogenation catalysts used in the production of furfuryl alcohol, as well as a range of nitrate salts.
  • Korean producer of environmental catalysts and adsorbents for removal of CO, halogens, NOx, ozone, VOCs, and dioxins.
  • Specialty manufacturer of silica gel products in China.
  • Researches, develops and manufactures metal catalysts.
  • Manufactures activated alumina, activated carbon, and silica gel, as well as ferrous sulphide extrudates for metallurgical applications.
  • Applies high-throughput experimentation to the discovery of new materials, including catalysts used in the manufacture of chemicals, plastics and rubbers, through
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