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Engineering Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Serving the petroleum and petrochemical industry with high-quality engineering expertise.
  • Process engineering company designs and supplies production plants for surfactants, formulated detergents, and auxiliaries for the detergent industry.
  • Chemical blenders and contract processors and packers. Offers confidential contract or toll manufacturing services to clients' formulations, contract packing services,
  • Italian engineering and manufacturing company specializes in soap (and glycerine) processing plants and finishing lines.
  • Manufacturers of process plant for chemical, food, machinery and industrial. Over 4000 items of used machinery available in stock, offering laboratory, pilot plant and
  • Chlorination; on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite (bleach - NaOCl), using sea water or artificial brine solution made from ordinary salt.
  • Engineering and design and project management contractor providing services to the chemical, food, petrochemical, energy, recycling and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Chemical engineering consultants specialize in continuous chemical plant and oil refinery troubleshooting, operation, and design. Distillation towers, vacuum
  • A licensed chemical engineering corporation emphasizing materials selection and evaluation and corrosion mitigation.
  • An Italian enterprise specializes in plant design and construction for water treatment and demineralisation, using filtration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange processes.
  • A full-service engineering firm specializing in the design, engineering and construction of manufacturing facilities, operating processes, and environmental control
  • Project management, process design, engineering design, procurement, fabrication and construction. Operating in USA, Former Soviet Union, Middle East and Indian
  • Professional engineering, technology, detailed design and consulting. Process systems, chemicals, water, waste, energy and the environment.
  • Evaporators, dryers, molecular distillation equipment based on thin film technology. Pilot plant facility available for process optimisation.
  • Resource listing of licensed engineers. Includes chemical, civil, corrosion, electrical and environmental. World-wide coverage with links to individual web sites.
  • Provides industrial engineering, construction and maintenance services. Serves chemical, oil and gas, air separation, minerals processing, and petroleum industries.
  • An engineering and project management company in the pharmaceutical industry from 4 European offices.
  • Malta based firm which operates in the fields of industrial automation and reverse osmosis desalination.
  • Chinese firm specializing in research and development on new types of tower internals for chemical separation equipment.
  • Resources for the engineers in the sugar industry: Design guides, useful data, tables, formulae, software, news and links
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