Radios, Turkey

Radios Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of military parts including R390A and other radio parts for sale. USA.
  • Transformers and chokes. New, used and custom built. Texas, USA.
  • Manufacturer of high definition modular tuner designed for professional, audiophile or home theater applications.
  • Provides a radio designed specifically for kitchens and bathrooms. Retail outlets UK electrical wholesale distributors.
  • Manufactures mini radio, emergency charger, mobile phone led bonding items. China.
  • Manufacturer of mini FM and AM auto scan radios, FM auto scan radios, and calculators. China.
  • Manufacturer of digital PLL and alarm clock radios, portable and promotional radios. China.
  • Universal amateur radio mobile screwdriver antenna mount that fits various makes of antennas and other antenna products. USA.
  • Stand-alone streaming radio player which uses IP or dial-up.
  • Manufacturer of Internet radios, wireless audio and video systems, network audio players, FM transmitters, and RF modules.
  • Surplus test equipment and components, tube amps, RF and power supply components, transformers, capacitors, power resistors, new and used parts. In Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Communication solutions for aircraft ground support, business, and public safety.
  • Maufacturer of radio data system decoders. Can be added to existing radios to display radio text and information. USA.
  • Manufacturers of two way radios, dual band radios, and related communications hardware and accessories, including repeaters, encoders, decoders, and antennas. USA.
  • Manufacturer of products such as VHF/UHF hand held/base mobile transceivers, repeaters, HF radios and accessories. India.
  • The system, software, equipment, aerials and techniques used for broadcast and reception in Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) on long, medium and shortwaves up to 30 MHz.