Video, Turkey

Video Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturer of internet video phones, ISDN videphones, and other video modules.
  • Designs, manufactures, markets and delivers solutions to the cable TV industry globally.
  • Manufactures a handheld electronic picture viewer.
  • Manufacturer of a range of VCD and DVD players, and speakers.
  • Manufacturer of distributed home audio products such as dual source audio distribution system.
  • Manufacturer of Digital Light Processing projectors and plasma display monitors.
  • Canada manufacturer of digital projector, LCD and plasma TVs, digital camera, mp3 players and accessories.
  • Manufacture and distribute tiny digital cameras in North America.
  • Manufacturer of computer peripheral, including TFT LCD monitor, LCD TV, PDP TC, LCD projector, and digital camera.
  • Manufactures hardware to convert computer video signals to standard video signals.
  • Manufacturers of digital set-top box (STB) for digitalized broadcast and digital satellite broadcast receivers of DVB-S and MPEG-2 standards.
  • Console manufacturer of various applications and distributor of car mobile video products.
  • Specializes in the development and production of home entertainment products and solutions including DVD players, DVD recorders and home entertainment systems.
  • Company that focused on research and development, production and manufacture of digital video/audio core products such as DVR board, standalone DVR and DVR package.
  • Manufacturer of video products such as VCD and DVD player, TVs and car LCDs.
  • Manufacturer of home theater products such as DVD player and recorder.
  • Holding company with subsidiaries which design, manufacture, and sell digital video products used to convert moving video images into format for display in a resizable
  • Manufacturer, importer and exporter of CD and DVD player, home audio and video products such as TV and LCD TV, time machines, home appliances Based in Hong Kong.
  • Producer and distributor of presentation and training products from digital projectors to plasma screens and LCD TVs.
  • Manufacturer of a video processor for 3DVD format.
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