Refrigeration, Turkey

Refrigeration Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Source for food processing equipment, company based in the UK.
  • Offering cold rooms for banana ripening. Italy.
  • Manufacturer of freezing equipment: spiral, packaged tunnel, modular tunnel, contact belt, multiple belt, packaged tray and drag-thru dolly systems.
  • Offers a complete spectrum of freezing systems for start-up companies and pilot plants. Manufactures blast freezers, mini IQF belt freezers, tunnel freezers, universal
  • Manufacturer of dough retarders, deep freezers, freezing tunnels, climatic chambers, and water chillers. Italy.
  • Designs, produces, and installs specialized refrigeration systems for the fishing industry.
  • Manufacturers of fruit ripening rooms, produce coolers, and freezers. Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Manufacturer of QuickThaw, a non-microwave defrost system for thawing food products. Includes container and built-in units. UK, USA, Denmark.
  • Offers a selection of new and used commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment. Includes product photos and descriptions. Located in Surrey, British Columbia,
  • Providing commercial refrigeration and temperature controlled storage and blast freezing solutions to the pharmaceutical, fresh and frozen food, catering and events
  • Leading distributor, importer, exporter and wholesaler of refrigerator and air-conditioning parts. Includes photos, product descriptions and a request for a quotation.
  • Offers cold boxes, walk-in coolers/ freezers, refrigerated warehouses, environmentally controlled food processing facilities, refrigerated warehouses and buildings.
  • Contract manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment including display coolers, freezers, and ice cream machines. Tampa, Florida.
  • UK based designers and manufacturers of refrigeration and cold storage equipment. Products range from laminated panels to modular bespoke and coldstores.
  • Specialty plastic covered wire manufacturer for all refrigerated food industry. Plastic covered arc prevents rust in humid conditions.
  • Designer and manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. USA.