Pets, Turkey

Pets Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Developer of an ear thermometer for use with animals.
  • Manufacturer of pet health and hygiene products in the United Kingdom. Information about products and pet care, news, and Kids Pet Zone.
  • Germicidal and odor control products for animal care facilities. Includes product information and distributor list.
  • Makers of a aerosol chamber for administering a controlled dose of medication to asthmatic cats. London, Ontario, Canada.
  • Making reusable, absorbent products for old and/or incontinent dogs, with suggested uses and FAQ. Celebration, Florida, USA.
  • Developers of a palatable drug delivery system to facilitate oral medication. Includes details of components and applications. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
  • Manufactures a probiotic supplement for dogs, birds and reptiles, with ordering facility for wholesalers and retailers. Homestead, Florida, USA.
  • Producing a four-wheeled cart for dogs needing assistance to walk, with details of mechanism and benefits.
  • Distributor of Connectin, a glucosamine based supplement for dogs and cats with joint disorder. Lists retail stores and ecommerce site that sell product.
  • Makers of natural coat supplement. Lists ingredients, distributors, instructions, and testimonials.
  • Manufacturer of flea and tick products. Includes information about product use, FAQs and veterinary locator.
  • Natural plant derived enzyme for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, ostriches, and exotics.
  • Producing cooling vests and beds for prevention of heat stress in dogs. Kent, United Kingdom.
  • Manufacturer of hook to remove all parts of attached ticks, and photographs showing how to use the tool. Has links to retailers who sell the product. Site in three