Thermoforming, Turkey

Thermoforming Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Manufacturers of thermoformed packaging products.
  • Custom thermoformed blisters, clamshells, assembly and shipping trays.
  • Manufacturers of PVC/vinyl display packaging - vacuum formed and welded for promotional, stationary, and tool markets.
  • Industrial packaging company. Manufactures Thermally Molded Pulp,Bulk containers,Plastic totes.
  • Manufactures plastic boxes for lobsters, bait, water, fuel, and aquaculture.
  • Manufacturer of thermoformed packaging.
  • Producers of thermoformed plastics packagings out of polyproylene, polystyrene, PET and PVC, mainly for the food industry.
  • Develops products in EPE foam, bubblepak, and plastic bags.
  • Manufacturing plant for thermoforming. English version available.
  • Specializing in the design and production of custom thermoform plastic blisters, trays, clamshells, and trifold packages.
  • Design fabrication and production of clear thermoformed packaging , including blister packaging, clamshell packaging, clear cylinders and fabricated cartons.
  • Manufacturers of the EAS blister machine, used for small production runs, clinical trials, unit dose packaging, and stability tests.
  • Vacuum forming point of sale displays, food packaging, automotive components and industrial parts.
  • Manufacturers of blisterpacks, food containers and light gauge thermoforming
  • Ox Box shipping and storage containers. Bulk boxes, Triplewall and doublewall. BigPak reusable packaging products.
  • Vacuum forming high density, high molecular weight polyethylene banana processing trays.
  • Manufacturer of plastic trays for handling, shipping and storage of component parts.
  • Specializes in custom vacuum thermoforming of plastic packaging for a variety of applications including personal care, automotive, office supply, hardware, electrical
  • Produces custom thermoformed packaging for cosmetics, food, hardware, personal care products and electronics.
  • Manufacturers of plastic thermoformed trays, dairy containers and cups.
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