Coupons, Turkey

Coupons Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Designs and produces scratch and win promotions for retailers.
  • Provides crew worldwide for merchant, fishing and cruise vessels. Recruits are drawn from the central Pacific atoll of Kiribati.
  • Distributes coupons and advertising on college campuses throughout the U.S.
  • Manufacturer of scratch off game and promotional cards for general distribution, contest, and tradeshow give-aways.
  • Resources for executing coupon promotions, including planning, distribution methods, and available processes.
  • Online coupon distribution method for geographic or demographic targeted offers.
  • Provides products and services to support the creation, distr
  • An application to deliver national and local coupons directly to the desktop of subscribers for both online and offline savings.
  • Sells custom scratch-off cards geared to promote business, event, trade show or employee incentives.