Distributors, Turkey

Distributors Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Opportunity to distribute LifeSign for quitting smoking and chewing tobacco and DietMate for the management of weight.
  • Seeking dealers worldwide to distribute products regarding mortar, plaster mixing and spraying.
  • Corporate site. Retailer and distributor programs; buy wholesale and sell products such as capsules, powders, lotion and Grobust.
  • Producer of blank stock invitations and social stationery. Distributorships available.
  • Dealership opportunity supplying pto and engine driven generators to the public.
  • Home parties featuring lingerie. Host a party or become a Secret Lady.
  • Offering distributorships of health products.
  • A workplace marketing company seeking distributors for book and gift items.
  • Corporate UK site. Product information.
  • Corporate USA site. Product and affiliate information offered by One World USA and Behavioral Research Center.
  • Developers and manufacturers of SnorBan. Information on becoming a distributor is on the site.
  • Specializes in nutritional supplements (vitamins).
  • Vitamins and nutritional supplements to assist digestion, and memory enhancement.
  • Provides anti-aging nutrition supplements, preventive nutrition and chem-prevention, such as HGH, OPC, IGF-1.
  • Offers an opportunity to distribute the Millennium CV-Boots. Includes FAQ and installation instructions.
  • Business opportunities distributing vehicle protection devices.
  • Manufacturing, distribution and sales of Medifast, an over-the-counter weight loss product.
  • Offering distributorships for animal supplements. Includes contact form, testimonials and online ordering.
  • Offers an opportunity with medical alert device. Includes FAQ and online shopping.
  • Offers a chewing gum disposal device. Includes FAQ.
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