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  • following monitoring missions: Monitoring and Spot Checking of Grants under Regional Development in TR 90...the GAP Regional Development Programme on
  • Vision To Become the Regional Cooking Appliances Leader Offering Indispensable Differences. Mission To
  • the Thuraya Satellite Telecommunication System. Thuraya is one of the most advanced regional
  • 2012 2011 News Archive KMO has been shortlisted in the Regional Blueprints Exercise on Customs and...-listed in the EU funded Regional Blueprints
  • regional and Turkey distribution of 60 different brands from overall world. There are more than 10
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  • , Arcsight, Bluecoat, Aruba, Algosec, and Vasco. Our team has produced many multi-layered, multi-regional
  • Headquarter is located in Istanbul and the company has 7 regional offices in all over Turkey. Thanks to its
  • / Pazarlama, CRM ve Gelitirme Genel Mdr Yardmcs Tolga Alc / Mobilera Holding B.V. Regional
  • Magnificent was born here and Yavuz Sultan Selim, another Ottoman sultan, was the regional governor of Trabzon...11th century it was expanded into a monastery
  • Deposits Regionalized variables used in evaluation of ore deposit, modelling and properties of these...variables. Spatial variability of the