Synthetic, Turkey

Synthetic Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • France. Manufacturers of slivers and yarns for high-performance technical textiles, from metal, aramid, carbon and blends. Custom development of specialty yarns
  • USA. Manufacturers of sewing threads and high-performance industrial yarns, from polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and glass fiber. Also, wicks, gaskets, and binders
  • USA. Standard, novelty and twisted, space dyed yarns for weaving, knitting and hosiery processes, from polyester and polyamide. Custom coloring and finishing.
  • Italy. Manufacturers of technical yarns and sewing threads, from a range of high-performance fibers. Technical information and yarn specifications. English and Italian.
  • Portugal. Manufacturers of single and multi-fold raw white and dyed, textured yarns from polyester and polyamide. Detailed product catalogs, including technical
  • India. Diversified group of companies, active in yarns, cigarette filters and soya products. Manufacturers of ring spun, greige and dyed, single and two-ply yarns for
  • Spain. Manufacturers of rigid and stretch, regular and fancy air-textured, raw white, and solution, package and dope dyed yarns for knitting and weaving applications,
  • China. Manufacturers of collections of rigid and stretch yarns for knitting applications, from polyester and polyamide staple fiber and filaments, spandex and precision
  • The Netherlands. Multi-national group of companies, active in industrial yarns, ropes, fishing nets and yachting products. Ropes, twines, and industrial yarns and sewing
  • Poland. Manufacturers of single and doubled, regular, fancy and elastic air-covered and texturised yarns for knitting and weacing applications, from polyester,
  • Italy. Manufacturers of open-end and ring spun, single and plied, raw white and dyed yarns for hand and machine knitting, and weaving in apparel, industrial and
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