Acrylic, Turkey

Acrylic Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Spain. Yarns for carpet, blanket, upholstery and furnishing fabric and knitwear manufacture, from acrylic, and blends with wool, polyamide and elastomers. English,
  • Turkey. Manufacturers of regular, fancy, chenille and boucle yarns for knitting and weaving, from acrylic and acrylic rich blends. Technical specifications. English and
  • Syria. Manufacturers of regular and high-bulk, single and two plied, dyed and finished yarns for knitting and weaving, from acrylic.
  • Belgium. Vertically integrated group of textile manufacturing companies. Worsted and semi-worsted, ring spun, raw white and dyed yarns for weaving and knitting
  • Turkey. Diversified group of companies, active in yarns and textiles, fuel and mineral oils, insurance and agricultural equipment. Manufacturers of spun, multiple plied
  • Iran. Manufacturers of worsted spun dyed yarns for weaving applications, from acrylic. Extensive color cards. English and Iranian.
  • Pakistan. Diversified group of companies active in textiles, lighting, ceramic tiles and construction engineering. Manufacturers of spun and dyed acrylic yarns for