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  • Journal for professionals and management in the home textiles and furnishings industry. News, forums and events calendar. Link to buyers' directory. Access upon
  • Weekly newspaper for the home textiles industry. Product announcements. Financial and business news. Trade show calendar.
  • Monthly publication for manufacturers, designers, suppliers and retailers of furniture and home furnishings. Extensive calendar of events. Links to related sites. From
  • Monthly journal for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers in the global home fashions industry. Extensive list of events. On-line archive of articles. From E.W.
  • Professional magazine for retailers in the bedding industry, published six times a year. Editorials and feature articles on marketing, technology and business know-how.
  • India. Publishers of company directories of manufacturers, importers and exporters of home furnishings.
  • On-line magazine of the Textile Distributors Association of Australia, with information about trends in the design of curtain fabrics and curtains. Links to agents and