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Education and Training Turkey Companies Worldwide
  • Ground school for aircraft dispatchers, airline transport pilot, CFI, FE, and Cockpit Resource Management.
  • Language training for pilots and mechanics who need to improve their knowledge of aviation English.
  • Specialize in training and software for the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods by air.
  • Providing complete CRM training solutions.
  • Offering students who wish to become flight attendants / Cabin Crew an online training recourse. Services are also provided directly to airlines.
  • FAA approved aircraft dispatcher certification school.
  • Flight, engineering, human factors and search and rescue training on the company's helicopters.
  • Initial and recurrent training of pilots and cabin crew including CRM, safety and emergency procedures, survival and aviation, aviation security, and first aid.
  • Aircraft dispatcher training from this school in Florida.
  • Providing FAA mandated cargo security training to the Indirect Air Carrier industry.
  • Offers prospective pilots and technicians a directory of FAA approved flight schools, aviation maintenance technician schools, and helicopter training schools.
  • Missionary training and support center for pilot and aviation mechanic training and certification.
  • Aviation engineering services company providing seminars, FAA DER engineering, project management and technical business planning.
  • The French Aerospace Industry Cooperation Agency for International Education. Aeronautics education and scientific training for officers joining the French Flight Test
  • Provides crew worldwide for merchant, fishing and cruise vessels. Recruits are drawn from the central Pacific atoll of Kiribati.
  • Offers selection of flight training cd-roms for King and Piper aircraft.
  • Distance learning programmes for the UK Civil Aviation Authority Licence without type ratings for aircraft engineers, both BCAR and European JAR. Provides details of
  • Provides consulting on avionics maintenance support, specializing in maintenance training on commercial and military, communication and navigation equipment. Details of
  • F.A.A. approved aircraft dispatcher training. Information on 6 week day and 8 week evening classes, location, personnel, accommodation, and the profession.
  • Site providing links and resources for flying instructors.
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